Michele Roohani is an international photographer and graphic designer who lives in Los Angeles, California. During her many years as Creative Director of a well-known publishing company, Michele created hundreds of best selling images and award-winning products.

A multicultural background, multidimensional education in the Arts and Sciences, and extensive travels, have heavily influenced Michele’s cosmopolitan aesthetic, and developed her abilities to seamlessly fuse the art of different cultures. Her uniquely moving images are marked with qualities that are at once recognizable and also tinged with a vague, other-worldly aspect; boldly fixed in place and time, yet odd, ethereal, and surreal. These are the qualities that reflect her personal view of the world.

Michele’s experience as Creative Director and photographer has provided an outlet for her creative energies and have led her to understand that effective design transcends time, language and culture.

“Creativity is the encounter of the intensively conscious human being with his or her world.” Rollo May

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