Sex, Sex, Sex…

October 7, 2007

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Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to see you on my new blog.



10 Responses to “Sex, Sex, Sex…”

  1. photoice Says:

    Good work .. ice

  2. Shahrzad Says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the good news. It’s wonderful to be able to get your beautiful cards and posters for different occasions. Also I wanted to appreciate talking about two of my favorite subjects, Ang Lee and Sex! Thursday night we were at a reception honoring Ang Lee, and the actress of his new movie “Lust, Caution” in Mill Valley film festival. I do love Ang Lee’s work and his modesty and intelligence made him even more attractive.

  3. Flory Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! what a good news… I wish you all the best.Your artist eye deserves to be share with all over the world. One more time Michele you have done it!! GREAT!!

  4. As I said previously on another forum, the most I love is the middle one.

    leaving my mind wandering. A true gift for lovers.
    la sensualité à fleur de peau. Le bonheur au bout des doigts. une attitude qui fait fondre.

    On the third one, she looks too much at the camera, and the dream is already gone.

    Everything is said in the first picture.

    You have a great series.

  5. Well done, they are beautiful photographs!

  6. gingatao! Says:

    Nice ink.

  7. philippe Says:

    Ces images pourraient être illustrées avec le titre suivant : “la Belle et la bête”, une autre vision de Shrek en quelque sorte…

  8. John Says:

    The real temptation is not sex, neither once nor thrice, it is sensuality and restraint,
    epicurianism. These combine to form a far rarer and more intense and heady (intellectual) activity than sex, even to the power of three.

  9. Benoît Says:

    Quoting Pablo Picasso :

    “SEX AND ART are the same thing,”.

  10. Mitra Says:

    Selling your art work on line was a big move. congratulations!
    I think the right time is here now!!!yeahhhhh! You are very talented and you have a lot to offer.
    Bonne chance Dordaneh cherie!

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