Turner in Venice

August 6, 2007

This post has moved here on my new blog http://micheleroohani.com/blog/

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to see you on my new blog.



7 Responses to “Turner in Venice”

  1. Lee Casey Says:

    Just wonderful. Your website is such an inspiration and breath of fresh air.

  2. Ali Says:

    I love Byron’s work on the city through the eyes of Casanova. Venice is obviously the city of Romance and mystery due to its juxtaposition of modernity with the waters of the Adriatic sea; but had it not been for Byron’s portrayal of Casanova’s many a trysts, and people’s fascination by Casanova (who actually is Byron himself in character), the city would not have had the worldwide reflexive association with romance that it now enjoys. Beautiful city; but highly stinky!!!!
    Great pictures! To wake up that early to capture the best light and the empty streets takes dedication!

  3. askin ozcan Says:

    Many thanks for the beautiful paintings of Venice. They indeed challenge the beauty of Venice. You have a phantastic web site.
    When I am in Venice, I feel like I am in a “harem” with thousands of beautiful women.
    The shear beauty of Venice’s architecture blinds
    me. Afer three days in Venice I seek a refuge to rest for a few days and then return to Venice
    for a new indulgement in her beauty.

    To refresh the subject: Have you read my book
    THE SECOND VENICE – ISBN 1598000888

    To counterbalance the sadness of Venice’s slow
    disappearance into history I have written this humorous fantasy. It was No.1 among top rated books in ITALY MAGAZINE for months leaving Juvenal’s Satires as No. 2
    http://www.veniceword.com gave it a place on its “History of Venice” page. The book received many fine reviews in http://www.newsblaze.com ,
    http://www.newsitaliapress.com , http://www.italianamericanpress.com, http://www.the.sop.org

    sold on major internet bookshops and via bookstores.
    Have a look! It may entertain you and forget your tiredness after your visit to Venice.

    Best regards
    Architect Askin Ozcan

  4. Michele:
    Your posting are a feast for both the eyes and the mind. Thank you.

  5. philippe Says:

    Les aquarelles de Turner sont superbes mais je me demande quelle est la raison de choix d’une apparence fantomatique.

  6. Faramarz Says:

    Another great post. I can not wait for the next installment. Who knew you could find such soulful inspiration in a neon/concrete wasteland like Los Angeles.

  7. ava Says:

    Creating a sacred space is one of the most beautiful gifts one can give himself, having trust in one’s passion as its essence
    ..and sharing out of modesty opens the doors for ones who have the aptitude to immerse themselves in it and quench their thirst.

    Driving to Venice from the Medici’s Florence during a rainy afternoon filled my senses with the fresh smell of dew,
    washed the grey off my hungry eyes and revealed other colors that share themselves when you are passing through their narrow alleys at night, and gaze at the slow dance of the gondolas in the early morning.

    Turner’s blue though providing a vignette of the canals, as they were called in the old days provided a glimpse of a beautiful Venice in which the lions of civil and military flew high and were the guardians of people against the Franks…centuries have passed tinted by many grades of yellows and blues…Yet you became the guardian when all were asleep and opened the window to…

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